Folder2List 3.18

Folder2List is a program that allows you to create folder and file lists
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Folder2List is an extremely useful utility to create lists of your folders, subfolders, together with all the files contained in. You can sort your lists not only by any of the most widely-used file attributes – such as the name, the size, or the creation date –, but also by format-specific metadata – like the EXIF properties of some image files, or the ID3 tags available in some of the most popular audio formats.

As soon as you select a folder from any of your drives, the program will show you a list of all the files, subfolders, and folders inside it. This preliminary list of files and folders will be constantly updated in real-time, exactly at the same pace you tick on or off new elements in the “Folder selection” panel, perform changes in the various profiles available, or make use of any of the many filtering possibilities provided. The number of possible combinations is endless, and to help you reuse them, Folder2List allows you to save customized profiles of whatever settings and sorting options you applied to your list.

One of the features I find more gratifying in this tool is its preview function. In this sense, Folder2List is a true WYSIWYG application – whatever it is that you see on your screen, that is exactly what your printed list will look like. It creates well-designed and attractive PDF, HTML, and RTF documents, as well as convenient CSV (Comma Separated Values) and TXT files that you can then import to other applications for further data analysis.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive and well-structured interface
  • Real-time preview of the output list
  • Flexible filtering options
  • Format-specific settings for each output type


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